ERS61WL  ERS61WG                                                                                                                           

Classic Wooden Watches come from farmed sandalwood plantations made from segmented pieces of wood and enjoyed by many of our customers who are environmentally conscious.

People with various skin allergies have enjoyed Classic Wooden Watches with our wood backing on all of our wooden band wooden watches. Our Wooden Watches are made with Japanese Quartz Movements, which are used in Citizen Band Watches and all carry a  2-year warranty against mechanical defects.
                Ladies -$66         Men - $66   

            ESV31WL  ESV31WG
We also have other fine wooden gifts such as wooden belts, wooden purses and wooden bracelets available. Other quality wooden products are on the horizon so keep WATCHING our website. Make a statement with style by treating a friend, family member, or yourself to a special Handcrafted Wooden Watch. Shipping is FREE.  Click on watch images for enlarged details. If you have further questions, email us  here...

                  Ladies-$66             Men - $66 

       ADVENTURA UNO                          ITALIA UNO                     ADVENTURA DUE                  REDROSE                         ROMANO UNO 
 RE125WL    RE125WG              RS141WL      RS141WG         ER125WL    ER125WG            R151WL    R151WG             RE126WL    RE126WG
Ladies - $66      Men - $66                Ladies - $66        Men - $66             Ladies - $66     Men - $66             Ladies - $66      Men - $66               Ladies - $66      Men - $66

          OLIVO VERDE                          ROMANO DUE                        ITALIA DUE                        EBONO            ROSA                             BRIO UNO   
   LV104WL     LV104WG       ER126WL       ER126WG        SR141WL   SR141WG             E330W            R330W              MS49WL   MS49WG        
   Ladies - $66          Men - $66          Ladies - $66     Men - $66                Ladies - $66       Men - $66                        Ladies/Men - $66                      Ladies - $66      Men - $66

                   BRIO DUE                          ROMANO DUO OVAL             MAGNIFICO OVAL           ROSA OVAL          ITALIA DUE OVAL                              SM49WL   SM49WG                   ERV26WL                  RSVV4WL                RV51WL              SRV4WL                                                                                                 

        Ladies - $66          Men - $66                                  Price - $66                                   Price - $66                             Price - $66                          Price - $66           

            RB51WL VERONA                     ESB64WL MILANO                 RSB41WL FIRENZE   

                                                                         Price $68                               Price $68                               Price $68


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